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Medical school is an expensive dream. It's also a dream worth fulfilling. That's why many students look for medical school scholarships and grants to help them fund their education.

However, keep in mind that earning a scholarship or grant for medical school doesn't necessarily have to be about your MCAT score or your GPA (though having high marks on both of those metrics helps).

For example, American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) offers qualified students a variety of scholarship opportunities that are based on things beyond academics.

AUA's scholarships are divided into three categories, and some of our awards can cover up to $100,000 of your medical tuition.


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Financial Aid is available

AUA’s scholarships are divided into three categories, and some of our
awards can cover up to $100,000 of your medical school tuition.

Cultural Scholarships

AUA is guided by the belief that patients benefit from diverse, compassionate medical professionals. To that end, these medical school scholarships and grants are awarded to encourage a more diverse student body at AUA, and are given to students who come from certain countries, hail from certain US states, or are representatives of under-represented minorities.

Service Scholarships

These awards are granted to entering students based on their contributions to the field of healthcare or to the public good. The U.S. Military Veterans Grant, for example, is awarded to those in the U.S. Armed Forces who want to earn their medical degree. The Career Advancement Grant, on the other hand, is awarded to applicants who have worked in healthcare professions.

Academic Scholarships

These scholarships and grants are awarded to high-achieving entering students, and are generally based on an applicant’s MCAT score and/or undergraduate GPA. Some of these awards total up to $100,000.



“This school gave me a chance to fulfill my
dream of becoming a
practicing physician in
the US. Med school isn’t a cake walk. It
hard work, personal sacrifice and a
great deal of stamina to endure the

challenges you face along this journey.

What AUA did was provide the resources and
opportunity to allow me
to succeed and challenge me to achieve levels of academic and
professional success I wasn’t sure I ever could.

I matched into a residency on time, as expected (and very easily, might I
add), partly because of the reputation AUA has established
as a medical school that produces quality doctors."

img-testimonial-ceanCean Mahmud, MD (AUA '17): Physician, Northwell Health

I felt very prepared!

“I think that AUA was a great opportunity. When
I was there I felt that I got the best education
that I could have gotten. I had really superb
professors and when I graduated I didn’t feel
like I was in any way at a disadvantage
to anyone else who went to a school in the USA.
I think that my education that I received there
was top notch!”

Dr. Jasmine Riviere-Marcelin (AUA '11) Assistant Director of Infectious Diseases

University of Nebraska Medical Center


Residency Outcomes

AUA graduates have obtained residencies at prestigious teaching hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our alumni have distinguished themselves by becoming chief residents, earning significant awards, and obtaining competitive fellowships. 

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AUA’s medical education satisfies the medical school requirements for licensure to practice medicine in
all 50 US states. AUA is accredited by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority
for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP),
widely known as a gold standard for accreditation among Caribbean medical schools.